Memorial Options

At Catholic Cemeteries, we help you create a memorial that tells an everlasting story. Commemorate a life well-lived with a custom granite monument, or with floral arrangements and emblems that may be added to niches or crypts. We offer several services that help make planning easier and will ensure that all wishes are carried out as intended.

Floral Arrangements & Emblems

Catholic Cemeteries has an inclusive floral program for those who desire an easy, hassle-free way to ensure flowers are always kept at the burial location of a loved one. With our floral arrangement program, loved ones can be assured that a display of beautiful, in-season flowers in a bronze vase will accompany the interment space on a year-round basis. You may also select an emblem, such as a cross or rosary beads, that can be placed on the stone.


Our granite monuments and markers will help you create a story that lasts in stone. We are proud to offer American-made memorials crafted by industry-leader, Rock of Ages.

At your monument’s planning meeting, you are able to hand-select each detail of the monument that you are purchasing, from the color of stone, to the hand-engraved words and designs. Our custom-design process gives you the ability to personally create an ever-lasting monument that is specific to your needs and desires.

From simple horizontal markers to magnificent monument, we will help you design a piece that fits your vision and will create a lasting tribute.


Before selecting your burial grounds of specific plot, you might find yourself not knowing much about your genealogy and loved one’s resting areas. Genealogy research can be a lengthy, time-consuming process. Catholic Cemeteries is able to verify and complete this research to let you know where loved ones are located, at no additional charge to you as you make your arrangements.

Memorial Masses & Services

Memorial masses are held in May, on Memorial Day and in November, on All Souls Day. We invite families and friends of loved ones who’ve passed to join us for these special services for prayerful remembrance. Other special services may be held throughout the year, as scheduled by the Diocese. For specific locations, dates, and times of these services, please Contact Us.